Quality Legal Services throughout MA and NH


Bolden & Bonfiglio, LLC is a law firm located in Peabody, Massachusetts that is dedicated to providing quality legal services to insurance companies and their insureds as well as other legal services to individuals.


We specialize in handling homeowner, commercial, and motor vehicle insurance subrogation claims for clients that range from smaller, local insurance companies to large, national carriers.
Many insurance companies find that pursuing subrogation claims on their own can be difficult, time consuming, and costly. That’s where we come in. Prior to pursuing litigation, our firm acts as a third-party administrator. This includes a thorough investigation and attempted settlement of each claim, in order to ease the claims representative’s involvement, as well as to minimize the inconvenience and expense to the client. If a claim is unable to be paid or settled at the adjustment stage, our knowledgeable attorneys are able to proceed with litigation in courts across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our claims management system and expertise allows us to handle a large volume of claims, while still ensuring personal client contact throughout the handling process.


We also provide the following legal services: Insurance Defense, Personal Injury and Social Security and Disability. Contact our office for more information.